Next Solar Decathlon Europe edition will be held in “La Casa de Campo de Madrid” in September 2012


  • Over 160 students from 15 different countries participate in the first workshop of the competition, which is being held in the CentroCentro( Palacio de Cibeles), Madrid.


  • The book “SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE 2010, towards Energy Efficient Buildings” describes the results and innovations that came out from the last edition of SDE`s of participating houses.

Madrid, 5th of October, 2011, (Ministry of Public Works, Government of Spain).


Solar Decathlon Europe, the international competition of efficient and solar houses, organized by the Ministry of Public Works with Universidad Politécnica de Madrid collaboration, has disclosured and showed to the participating teams where the 2012 edition will be held: “La Casa de Campo de Madrid”.

This presentation has coincided with the inauguration of the first Workshop, meeting of the participating teams, which is gathering 160 college students from 15 countries, today and tomorrow.

SDE2012 will be the most internationally celebrated edition to date which  will make Spain a future  meeting point for the latest technologies applied to residential. They are technologies which not only increase the comfort and the potential of our home, but save on electricity bills and consolidate a sustainable development model” said  Cristina Thomas, general director of Architecture and Housing Policy.

“Villa Solar`s new location is excellent and will be able to allocate more participating teams. In 2010 over 200.000 people visited the Villa Solar and we hope to increase this number next year. It will have a longer duration, 15 days, so that the public will have the opportunity to better visit the homes”, said Sergio Vega, project manager of Solar Decathlon Europe.


Another innovation of SDE2012 is the incorporation of  the “Energy Efficiency test”, grouping in the same test, both, the overall assessment of energy use in housing, and the study of the envelope, active and passive systems, appliances and control systems.

In addition, this year SDE have changed the geographical limitations of participating houses in order to facilitate the use of passive systems, such as outdoor areas in shadow, therefore the surface area of ​​the houses will have to range between 45 and 70 m2, while doubling the maximum occupancy of the building to 150 m2. It has also been increased the height of the envelope building to provide greater flexibility in designing the space, allowing the use of double height , attics or even two-storey development.

Also, the free-digital format book “Solar Decathlon Europe 2010, towards Energy Efficient Buildings” has been presented. It describes the results and innovations of the participating houses in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010.This book mainly aim to professionals of the construction sector and architectural and engineering students. It has been developed by the 10Action European project. ( y

The Workshop, meeting between universities and SDE organization, is an exchange of ideas about both, how the competition is being developed, and the ten contests that must be overcome next year in Madrid.

SDE being held in Spain shows that Spain has become a focal point in research and use of renewable energy in buildings and energy efficiency implementation in houses. The objective of this international competition, in addition to generating new knowledge, is to create awareness among the general public on the rational use of energy. And also to demonstrate that a more efficient energy use is possible and affordable, if buildings are constructed to avoid losing heat in winter and staying cool in summer, therefore resulting  in  less heating and air conditioning, utilizing less consuming appliances, and getting the energy needed through renewable sources such as the sun.

Solar Decathlon Europe is organized by the Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Development at the Spanish Ministry of Public Works with the collaboration of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the support of the US Department of Energy. In addition, SDE has the collaboration of the Madrid City Council and Spanish Energy Saving Energy Agency IDAE, and the sponsorship of Saint-Gobain (main sponsor), Schneider Electric, Rockwool, Kömmerling and FCC.

Solar Decathlon Europe has been endorsed by the European Commission’s Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign as an Official Partner.

The UE “Sustainable Energy Europe Award 2011” has been given to Solar Decathlon Europe in the category of “Communication”.

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