Solar Decathlon Europe, in airports, railway stations and trains

The secretary of State for Housing and urban projects, Beatriz Corredor, signed today  an agreement   with the presidents of AENA, ADIF, RENFE, FEVE e INECO by which these companies will become official partners of SDE.

Madrid, 11th of November, 2011, (Ministry of Public Works, Government of Spain).

The secretary of State for housing and urban projects, Beatriz Corredor, signed today  an agreement   with the presidents of AENA, ADIF, RENFE, FEVE e INECO and  the rector of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, by which these companies will become official partners of Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE), the international competition of efficient and solar houses, organized by the Ministry of Public Works with Universidad Politécnica de Madrid collaboration.

Under this agreement, these companies will collaborate on the promotion and dissemination of SDE through the assignment of  among others, advertising slot, information points, areas for the organization of exhibition, space in their magazines and discount  in prizes transport for visitors.

This deal, which stablishes a new framework of public-public partnership, will allow companies to take advantage of   a Ministry`s asset  to incorporate elements of social awareness promotion and sustainable energy in their CSR plans.

SDE is a competition between universities around the world which design and build energy self-sufficient  houses, using the sun as the only source of energy. The aim is to promote sustainable development through research and applied innovation to architecture and efficient construction.

During the final phase of the competition on September, teams will build their real size housing in the Villa Solar, that will be located in the Casa de Campo in Madrid, will open to the public, and where the houses will have to overcome the ten trials of the competition.

SDE2012 is the most international edition up to date, with participating teams from 15 countries (Germany, Brazil, China, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom and Romania), making this the most international edition.

SDE being held in Spain shows that Spain has become a focal point in research and use of renewable energy in buildings and energy efficiency implementation in houses. The objective of this international competition, in addition to generating new knowledge, is to create awareness among the general public on the rational use of energy. And also to demonstrate that a more efficient energy use is possible and affordable, if buildings are constructed to avoid losing heat in winter and staying cool in summer, therefore resulting  in  less heating and air conditioning, utilizing less consuming appliances, and getting the energy needed through renewable sources such as the sun.

Solar Decathlon Europe is organized by the Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Development at the Spanish Ministry of Public Works with the collaboration of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the support of the US Department of Energy. In addition, SDE has the collaboration of the Madrid City Council and Spanish Energy Saving Energy Agency IDAE, and the sponsorship of Saint-Gobain (main sponsor), Schneider Electric, Rockwool, Kömmerling and FCC.

Solar Decathlon Europe has been endorsed by the European Commission’s Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign as an Official Partner.

The UE “Sustainable Energy Europe Award 2011” has been given to Solar Decathlon Europe in the category of “Communication”.


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