Efficiency, Incorporation and opportunity of the Renewable Energy in the Architecture

Date: the 27th March of 2012

Timetable: 12:30

Place: ETSAM´s lecture hall Avda. Juan de Herrera 4, Madrid

Madrid, 23th March 2012

The European project 10 Action, in collaboration with Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE), will organize, next Tuesday 27th March, a discussion about “Efficiency, Incorporation and opportunity of the Renewable Energy in the Architecture” which entry will be direct and free.

The event will count with the participation of speakers such as the recognized architecture Luis Fernandez-Galiano;  Professor Georg W.Reinberg, pioneer in solar architecture and Nearly Zero Emissions Building in Europe; and the German Professor Karsten Voss, International Energy Agent consultant.

During the event, the Solar Decathlon Europe volunteer recruitment campaign will be presented, which main objective is to make young people know and participate in this international competition of sustainable and solar houses and in which universities from all around the world take part.

SDE will take place from the 14th to 30th of September in Casa Campo in Madrid, with the participation of 20 teams of 14 countries.

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