What is Solar Decathlon Europe?

Solar Decathlon Europe is a great adventure that you have the opportunity to participate in. If you are committed to the environment and have an interest in architecture and new technologies, then this is the place for you. We invite you to become a Solar Decathlon Europe Volunteer and get an insiders look at the commitment and work of the organizers and teams participating in the competition.

Do you want to be a Solar Decathlon Europe – Volunteer?

Volunteering has many advantages. As a Volunteer, you are offered a truly unforgettable experience. You will meet people from around the world and will find yourself in an environment of cultural exchange and the mutual sharing of knowledge.

In which tasks can you collaborate?

  1. Assistance in the assembly/disassembly of the houses in the Villa Solar: You can help the participating teams, lend support to the organizers in posting signs, organize materials, etc.
  2. Assistance during the Competition: Throughout the competition, you can help the participating teams in their activities, including guiding visitors, assisting the organizers, etc.
  3. Activities and Workshops: Throughout the Solar Decathlon Europe competition, a variety of activities will be organized to further disseminate the message of the competition. These activities include events for increasing awareness of environmental conservation, educational activities for children, exhibitions, etc.

When and where will Solar Decathlon Europe take place?

The Solar Decathlon Europe competition will be held in Madrid in September of 2012.

What should I do to register?

To register, and enter the selection process for Volunteers, you must fill in some data and attach your CV (curriculum vitae). The selection process of volunteers will be based on the profile of each person and the different tasks to be performed during the Event.

Where do I fill my application form?

Very easy, go to our Be a Volunteer site.

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More Information

Volunteer Manual pdf

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