-          This competition opens up a debate on the social networks about objects which are harmful to the environment.

-          Micro-short films can be presented via  or–‐premium/promotions/7819 up until the 15th October.


Solar Decathlon Europe invites you to make your own micro-short film through its “I Like/I Don’t Like” competition. The video must focus on the environmental impact of objects, and whether their usefulness or design has been positive or negative.  In this way, Solar Decathlon Europe opens up a debate on the social networks, with the aim of creating a more sustainable world.

Up until 15th October you will be able to submit your proposals through facebook:  or directly onto the competition website:–‐premium/promotions/7819.

The winner will receive a new IPAD 32GB, although this will not be the only prize. In addition, all the micro-short films will form part of the I Like/I Don’t Like” collective film.

Solar Decathlon Europe, the international university competition involving solar-powered and sustainable houses, will be held from 14th to 30th September at the Puerta del Ángel concert site in Madrid’s Casa de Campo.

20 teams will design and build full-scale houses powered exclusively by energy from the sun, undergoing 10 contests to determine the winner of the competition: the one which consumes the least natural resources and produces minimum waste during its lifetime.


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