Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, September 14 to 30 in Madrid


-          RHÔNE ALPES (France), wins the second Price and a draw in the third prize: Counter EnTropy Team (Germany) and Med in Italy (Italy)

-          Today it has also been given, out of contest, the prize: “Social Housing meets Solar Decathlon Europeby CECODHAS, granted to RHÔNE ALPES (France).


Madrid, 22th September  2012.

Solar Decathlon Europe´s main goal is to raise public awareness of the use of renewable energies. Because of that, the Communication and Social Awareness Contest is one of the more relevant in this competition.

Daniel Sieberg, Jane Kolleeny and Miguel Ángel Valladares, jury of this contest, have chosen Andalucía Team (Patio 2.12) as the one that best communicates the values of the competition to the public. To evaluate the houses, first they have studied the Communication Plan designed by each one of the participants and the activities carried out to promote their project. Furthermore, they have realized a guided visit through the houses to get a first-hand view.

PATIO 2.12 is a new concept in self-sustaining modular house, based on the concept of “Spaces kit” and “intermediate scale of prefabrication” creating a domestic space through the use of modules that are neither the whole house or a constructive component, not a room but a housing set (a group of compatible uses). The prototype proposes a domestic space alternative by the addition of “pavilions” around an intermediate space, the “patio”, which receives the expansions of the rooms around it, without needing the partitioning by walls.

The classification of the Price of Communication and Social Awareness Contest has been:


Points given by the jury % 80
1 AND Andalucia Team (Spain) 100% 80,0
2 TRA Rhône-Alpes (France) 97% 77,3
3 RWTH RWTH Aachen University (Germany) 83% 66,7
4 ROME Med in Italy (Italy) 83% 66,7
5 BRA Team Brasil (Brasil) 78% 62,2
6 CEU CEU Team Valencia (Spain) 76% 60,7
7 BUC PRISPA (Romania) 76% 60,7
8 TJU Tongji Team (China) 74% 59,3
9 CUJ Chiba University (Japan) 74% 59,2
10 HTWG ECOLAR (Germany) 70% 56,0
11 BME Odooproject (Hungary) 68% 54,8
12 DTU Team DTU (Denmark) 65% 51,8
13 ABC Aquitaine Bordeaux Campus (France) 61% 48,9
14 EHU EHU Team (Spain) 56% 44,4
15 UPC (e)co Team (Spain) 56% 44,4
16 FAUP cem+nem-  (Portugal) 48% 38,5
17 UDZ Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain) 46% 37,0
18 STSH Astonyshine (France-Italy) 41% 32,5


In addition, CECODHAS, not-for-profit public and cooperative housing providers society, granted this afternoon an extra prize “Social Housing Meets Solar Decathlon Europe” (no scoring in the competition) which went to the house Canopea of the team Rhone-Alpes (France). Med in Italy (Italy) and Ceu Team Valencia (Spain) were also mentioned by its adaptation to hot weathers.

The following Saturday 29th, after completing the 10 contests of the competition, will be announced during the closing ceremony the solar house winner of the edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012.

Solar Decathlon Europe is organized by the Ministry of Public Works, Madrid City Council and the Madrid Polytechnic University (UPM) via its Higher Technical School of Arquitecture (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid). Its main sponsors are Schneider Electric and Kömmerling, & its official collaborators include AENA, ADIF, RENFE, and INECO y FEVE. It is also supported by the US Departament of Energy and the IDAE.

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