Multidisciplinary Teams conference at Construtec


09/05/2012 - 10:00 h - 14:00 h

( | - Professionals )


10:00    Reception

10:15      Opening

10:30     Case Studies

12:00     Break

12:15      Round Table

13:30     Conclusions and closing

14:00    Visit to the SDE models


Conference outline:

This conference is trying to give a vision of sustainable construction through the eyes of different professionals that intervene in the whole development process. It’s also focused on how professionals work and interact with each other and how the implementation of sustainable systems is affecting their work.


Case Studies

There will be five short speeches from different professionals, essential to the construction process, giving their point of view on the implications of new requirements involved in developing sustainable buildings.


The public company: a public entity will talk about the implications of promoting sustainable construction with public resources.
The Architect: a well-known architect, with a track record of many buildings certified as sustainable, will explain difficulties arising from this procedure.
The construction company: an international construction company will talk about new challenges posed by sustainable projects, such as new personnel programs, research. Etc.
The real-estate consultant: a real-estate consulting company will talk about how new sustainable buildings are being marketed and how investing in sustainable construction affects the final price of the building.
The Technical consultant: a technical consultant will give the specialist’s point of view on working together with all the other professionals involved and the challenge of implementing their combined knowledge.


    Round table

    The aforementioned professionals will talk and discuss the final subject of this conference: trying to reach an understanding on how all these groups of people should work together to make sustainable construction possible.


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