The SDE Juries will be made up of a group of multidisciplinary jurors that will use their knowledge and experience to evaluate a specific aspect of each team’s house. The SDE Jurors will be internationally recognized professionals in a specified field of expertise.

To increase the consistency of the juries scoring, the evaluations will be done following the criteria and guidelines developed by the SDE.

There will be 6 different juries:

  • Architecture jury
  • Engineering and Construction jury
  • Energy Efficiency jury
  • Communication and Social Awareness jury
  • Industrialization and Market Viability jury
  • Sustainability jury

The evaluation process has four main phases:

-First phase: The deliverables review gives the juries the opportunity to study the projects, to familiarize with them, and to explore the specific technical details of each of them.

-Second phase: The visits to each of the houses, takes place during the Competition week in the Villa Solar, giving the juries the opportunity to visually verify the information previously delivered and raising any question or clarification that they consider appropriate directly to the students.

-Third phase: The deliberation is the process where the different members of the same jury bring ideas together, sharing their opinions regarding the previous phases.

-Fourth phase: Juries will provide a writing feedback to each team explaining the scoring assigned and the evaluation criteria considered.

Photo: Architecture awards ceremony
Photographer: Javier Alonso Huerta

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