The monitoring system allows a real-time supervision of the contests performed during the competition.

The sensors used at the competition will provide information about a variety of parameters: ambient temperature, relative humidity, lighting levels, air quality, electrical energy consumption, solar energy production, etc.

The teams and the public will be able to look data of each house at any point in the day via web, compare the statistics, look at the periods of measurement, and see the resulting scores and rankings.

The advantages of the monitoring system include:

Objectivity: The data are measured directly by the sensors and collected into a database.

Reliability: The system collects all data and makes the necessary calculations automatically, eliminating the possibility of human error.

Speed: The time required for a sensor to take a measurement and for that data to be sent and processed into the database is virtually instantaneous.

Safety: Using a double data acquisition system and collector internal backup memory the information is safe. Also the systems could anticipate problems and prevent them from happening.

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