-           Rhöne Alpes (France) obtains the second Prize and a draw in the third prize RWTH Counter Entropy (Germany) and ECO TEAM( Spain).

-          The Interior Design Prize, an out of the competition award, has also been granted to RWTH Counter Entropy (Germany).

Madrid, 21th September 2012.

The SDE2012 solar buildings are showing that these houses are real and can be successfully released to the market. Among the 18 designs, the one that has proven to have a better focus in this area is Ecolar Home, according to Jennifer Siegal, Harriet Pilkington y Luis Basagoiti, jury of the Industrialization and Market Viability Contest of SDE2012.

The proposal of Team Ecolar, winner of this contest, focused on ecological, solar, economic and modular factors.

The jury´s final decision has been based on the analysis of factors such as the product´s attractiveness, production costs, the possibility to prefabricate parts of the building and the ability of the design be adapted to other models, for instance, to housing blocks.

The classification of the Price of Industrialization and Market Viability Contest has been:


Points given by the jury % 80
1 HTWG ECOLAR (Alemania) 100% 80,0
2 TRA Rhône-Alpes (Francia) 91% 72,9
3 RWTH RWTH Aachen University (Alemania) 89% 71,1
4 UPC (e)co Team (España) 89% 71,1
5 DTU Team DTU (Dinamarca) 81% 64,9
6 AND Andalucia Team (España) 81% 64,9
7 ROME Med in Italy (Italia) 80% 64,0
8 EHU EHU Team (España) 79% 63,1
9 ABC Aquitaine Bordeaux Campus (Francia) 69% 55,1
10 BUC PRISPA (Rumanía) 69% 55,1
11 BME Odooproject (Hungría) 68% 54,2
12 BRA Team Brasil (Brasil) 62% 49,8
13 FAUP cem+nem- (Portugal) 62% 49,8
14 CEU CEU Team Valencia (España) 61% 48,9
15 TJU Tongji Team (China) 60% 48,0
16 CUJ Chiba University  (Japón) 42% 33,8
17 STSH Astonyshine (Italia y Francia) 22% 17,8
18 UDZ Universidad de Zaragoza (España) 17% 13,3


Today the out of competition Interior Design Prize, prize on went to the German team RWTH Counter Entropy House, for their consistent design and innovative use of recicled materials. (e)co Team (Spain) and  Odooproject (Hungary) were also mentioned.  The jury, experts renowned in this field, have been Teresa Sapey, Marta Rodriguez Ariño and Pedro Feduchi.The following Saturday 29th, after completing the 10 contests of the competition, will be announced during the closing ceremony the solar house winner of the edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012.

Solar Decathlon Europe is organized by the Ministry of Public Works, Madrid City Council and the Madrid Polytechnic University (UPM) via its Higher Technical School of Arquitecture (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid). Its main sponsors are Schneider Electric and Kömmerling, & its official collaborators include AENA, ADIF, RENFE, and INECO y FEVE. It is also supported by the US Departament of Energy and the IDAE.

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