Professional session: multidisciplinary teams in building projects. Thank you for coming

Thank you to all the speakers and all the people attending this event

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The progressive technification of the building sector demands a better co-ordination and improved management structures in the design process between leading professionals and a growing number of specialists. A clear example of this are the multidisciplinary teams that will take part in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 competition. This meeting aims to find some basic principles for the future management structures in building project, and the way professionals should be trained to work on them in order to improve the whole process’ efficiency.

During the first part, five professionals involved in the building sector from different management schemes will explain, using a real building project as an example, how the aforementioned structures should be optimized in order to be adapted to an evolving environment. Later on, during a round table, they will try to agree in a series of principles regarding these issues.

The second part will be focused on how those professionals should be trained to work with multidisciplinary teams successfully. The speakers are deans and professors from the main faculties in Madrid involved in engineering and in architecture. They will discuss the conclusions regarding previous panel and then, they will start a Q&A with the assistants of the event.

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