Study about Energy Consumption on the Spanish Homes

On January 18th IDAE (Institute for the energy diversification and saving) presented the fisrt major research focused on energy consumption in Spanish homes. The study has been made dividing the country in three great climatic areas and separating the information on account of the energy source and method of consumption.

Eighteen months is the time is been used to obtain and cross-reference the data collected from 9000 interviews, statistics provided by energy-supply companies and measurement taken directly in 600 houses.

The study has provided interesting information about the energy consumption distribution in Spain, establishing that the 17 million Spanish homes are responsible of using 17% of the energy produced in the country and 25% of the electricity. The main source of energy used is electricity (35%) followed by natural gas (25%).

The results obtained in this research have also provided valuable information on energy consumption in Spanish houses, heating is the main energy consumer followed by home appliances. It also proves that independent housing use two times more energy compared with traditional flats and that centralized heating and hot-water services consume 22% less energy than the equivalent independent ones.

On consumption habits, television is the second highest energy consumption home appliance only preceded by the refrigerator.  Low consumption light bulbs are quite extended in Spanish houses, present in 86% of them.

This research has been co financed by EUROSTAT (EU statistics agency) with 50% of the total budget. In the realization of the study IDAE had the collaboration of: Subdirección General de Planificación del MINETU General sub-direction of planning, MINETU), EUROSTAT, INE (National Institute of Statistics), Colegio de Administradores de Fincas (professional association of property administrators), energy-supply companies, and consultants PVAlue, Nielssen y Escan which were in charge of the field work.

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