Jurados 2012



Susana Torre | Architecture Juror 2012

US architect born in Argentina, her work has integrated the theory of the social use of spacewith sustainable building practices, as well as architectural and urban design with criticismand teaching. Torre was the first woman to be invited by the Cummins Foundation to designa building in Columbus, IN, USA – a city with international fame for its collection of buildingsdesigned by renowned architects. Her design of the Fire Station 5 changed the nature of thisinstitution in order to integrate women into this type of work. Torre has been Professor ofArchitecture at Columbia and Yale Universities in the United States, Kassel in Germany andSydney University in Australia, among others, and Director of the Cranbrook Academy andthe Architectural Department of the Parsons School of Design in New York.

Her designs and theoretical work, mostly done in the USA, have received numerous awards,granted by bodies such as the American Institute of Architects, the National Endowmentsfor the Arts and the Humanities, The Center for Advanced Study of the Visual Arts and theGraham Foundation.

Mario Cucinella | Architecture Juror 2012

Founded ‘Mario Cucinella Architects’ in Paris in 1992 and in Bologna in 1999. MCA hasan international team of architects and engineers and a solid background in architecturaldesign, focusing on energy issues and environmental impact of buildings. The firm is activein industrial design and technological research – through partnerships with universities andresearch programs of the European Commission. Among the most significant projects:the SIEEB – Sino-Italian Ecological and Energy efficient Building – Tsinghua University,Beijing, China; the new Civic Offices of Bologna; the CSET – Centre for Sustainable EnergyTechnologies – The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China; the new headquarters of 3MITALY Milan; the project of Regional Agency for the Environment Ferrara; a school for agreen future, Gaza, developed in partnership with UNRWA (The United Nations Relief andWorks Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East).

Cucinella has received numerous awards, including Architecture Award Ance Catania 2012,theMIPIM Green Building Award (Cannes 2011); the MIPIM Green Building Award (Cannes2009); the Energy Performance+Architecture Award (Paris, 2005), the Special Award for theEnvironment by the World Architecture Congress (Dubai, 2005), the Outstanding Architect2004 by the World Renewable Energy Congress (Denver, USA); the Kunstpreis 99 -prize for architecture – from the Akademie der Künste (Berlin, 1999). He is “HonoraryProfessor” at Nottingham University and regularly lectures in Italy and abroad. He alsofounded Building Green Future (non-profit organization) in 2012.

José María Lapuerta Montoya | Architecture Juror 2012

As architect, he excels as much in his teaching and research as in his professional activity.He is Professor of Architectural Projects at ETSAM (Madrid Higher Technical School ofArchitecture) and has had two six-year research periods and is Professor Ad Honoremof the University of Montevideo. He directs a Master’s Course on Collective Housing andcoordinates doctoral courses in the Southern Cone of Latin America. He is Professor at theuniversities of Montevideo, Nantes, Campinas (Brazil), FAO USP (San Paulo) and Escolada Cidade (San Paulo). He was Member of the Governing Board of the Madrid College ofArchitects from November 2002 to June 2007.

Editor of the PARC magazine in San Paulo (Brazil), he also has 15 publications and 12architectural critique articles in international journals.27 of his constructed works have won awards, both residential and commercial buildings,such as the Coca Cola Spain Headquarters, Spain’s first LEED-CI GOLD building and alsoselected for the WAF Awards 2011 in the best office building category.Over 30 of his constructed works have been published in national and international journalssuch as Arquitectura, A+V Monografías, Detail, A+T, BAU, Domus, BAU, in addition towinning many competition prizes. He has acted 27 times as jury-member at national andinternational competitions.


David Springer | Engineering Juror 2012

David Springer is president and co-founder of Davis Energy Group, a mechanical engineering firm established in 1981 and specializing in building energy efficiency.  He manages a diversity of projects involving design consulting, energy analysis, measurement and evaluation, standards development, and technology development and commercialization.  Currently managing the U.S. Department of Energy Building America team, Alliance for Residential Building Innovation (ARBI), he has authored nineteen papers and articles on energy subjects and holds six patents on energy related technologies.  Mr. Springer is a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers, serving on the SPC 152R standards committee and the Radiant Heating and Cooling technical committee (TC 6.5), and is a member of the University of California, Davis Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Board of Advisors.  In 2011 he served on the Engineering jury of the U.S. Solar Decathlon. He obtained a B.S. from the University of California, Davis in 1973 in Biological Science, completing graduate studies in Environmental Toxicology.

Tjerk Reijenga | Engineering Juror 2012

Master of Science in Architecture and Engineering from the University of Delft, Dutch architect Tjerk Reijenga founded BEAR Architecten in Gouda (NL) in 1986, going on to found BEAR-iD Sustainable Urban Planners + Architects in Rotterdam (NL)in 2009, which extended also to Shanghai between 2008-2011. The “iD” stands for identity design or landmarks, designs that are tailor made; innovative design, green and sustainable innovative design; and international design, projects are done in Europe and Asia. In his vision: ‘Sustainable Building’ is more than a technical solution. Sustainable Building stands for high quality in landscaping, town planning, architecture, culture and social aspects. His recent projects in China have won awards – eg -Shanghai Minghang Trina Solar R&D center (50.000 m2) – competition 1st prize (2012) and his many publications include books and contributions to specialist magazines, papers and lectures on solar energy systems (particular PV) in architecture.

Rafael Úrculo | Engineering Juror 2012

Rafael Úrculo received a degree on Industrial Engineering from Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales of Madrid. He is a founding partner of R. Úrculo Ingenieros Consultores S.A., a company dedicated to the delivery of national and international projects for the systems of hospitals, museums, universities, offices and auditoriums. He was a Fulbright scholar in 1972 and obtained a Master of Science from the University of Connecticut in 1973. Since 1976 he has been an associate professor of Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Madrid and is a professor of the Master’s Degree in Restoration of that university. He has also participated as a lecturer in numerous international conferences about energy and lighting. He is a member of ATECYR, ASHRAE (USA) and CIBSE (UK).


Karsten Voss | Energy efficiency Juror 2012

Karsten Voss is professor of Building Physics and Building Technical Services at the School of Architecture, Wuppertal University, Germany. His main courses focus on environmental building design in the Bachelor and Master of Science in Architecture. Studying Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University Karlsruhe, Germany, he completed his PhD at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lausanne, Switzerland, in the field of Advanced Low Energy Housing in connection with Advanced Energy Supply Technologies based on Solar and Hydrogen Systems. After 3 years’ working with an energy consulting company, he spent 12 years with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Freiburg. He forms and coordinates the solar building group performing international applied research in Building Science on contract for industry as well as national and European research programs. He works as expert for the International Energy Agency on solar energy in building renovation as well as sustainable housing. He is currently coordinating the subtask on definitions & methodologies with the joint international activity on net zero solar energy buildings. Karsten Voss is coordinator of the associated research program on energy optimized buildings in Germany, focusing on the non-residential building sector and building renovation.

Ignacio Fernández-Solla | Energy efficiency Juror 2012

Specializing in façade design and technology, Ignacio started out in 1991 as a cladding contractor and then a façade systems supplier, moving to consulting in 2004. He now leads the Façade Engineering team in Arup Spain. He is expert in building envelopes, focusing on lightweight and energy-efficient envelope solutions: curtain wall systems, double skin façades, rain screen façades, photovoltaic façades, operational energy control and responsive façade systems. His projects include Telefónica HQ and the refurbishment of Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, Campus Palmas Altas in Seville, Bridge Pavilion in Zaragoza, Bodegas Portia in Burgos, Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies in Doha, Santander Serfin Call Centre in Querétaro, Reconstruction plan of Constitución in Chile, Ashgabat Olympic City in Turkmenistan and Congress Centre in Bogotá. He also teaches at the School of Architecture, Universidad Europea de Madrid, participating in Masters courses at Universidad Europea, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad del País Vasco. He has co-authored a book on building-integrated photovoltaics, “La envolvente fotovoltaica en la Arquitectura”

Marija Todorović | Energy efficiency Juror 2012

Ph.D.Sci. at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade; Specialization at the Institute forThermodynamic and Refrigeration, Technical University Berlin; Postdoctoral Research – UCBerkeley; Professor – University of Belgrade, Permanent Guest Professor Southeast University,Nanjing, China; Research Professor Kyung Hee University, Korea., UNESCO/ENEA RenewableEnergy Sources e-Learning Lecturer. IIR Commission C1 President, Founder and President ofthe IBPSA-Danube Affiliate. Served as Scientific Secretary of the ICHMT, Visiting Scholar atthe University of Kansas, Hong Kong and National University of Singapore. With the KU Schoolof Engineering Team awarded at the US/DOE/Southern California Edison Consortium’s “SolarTwo Challenge” National Competition, 1994. Published and presented over 260 scientific papersin international journals and conferences, 9 textbooks, edited 2 ICHMT’s monographs on heatand mass transfer, coordinated 30 multidisciplinary R&D projects. Special Issues coordinatingEditor of the Energy and Buildings and Editorial Board member of International Journals BuildingPerformance Simulation and Global Warming. Recipient of the REHVA Professional Award inScience, 2010. Fellow REHVA and ASHRAE. She has provided numerous producers with designmethods and thermal equipment prototypes, and lecturing extensively, and working as member ofASHRAE, REHVA, UNESCO and other international organizations has made a substantial impactworldwide.


Jane Kolleeny | Communication and Social Awareness Juror 2012

Jane is a former marketing director for architecture firms. Originally from Colorado, she began her editorial career at Shambhala Publications in the early eighties, and then worked as managing editor of the Shambhala Sun until the late eighties. After moving to New York she switched to a career in architecture marketing, which she continued for about 12 years. She joined Architectural Record, a magazine dedicated to architecture and interior design published by McGraw-Hill Construction in New York City, in May 2000, where she serves as a senior editor. She also works as Managing Editor of GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, sister publication to Architectural Record, which was founded in 2006. Both award-winning publications serve distinct audiences in the professional design field—Architectural Record showcases high-quality architecture throughout the world; GreenSource focuses on sustainable buildings and is distributed to the members of the U.S. Green Building Council as well as independent subscribers.

Daniel Sieberg | Communication and Social Awareness Juror 2012

Emmy-nominated Daniel Sieberg is a tech expert and author who now works with Google marketing and manages media outreach. Dating back to 2000, Sieberg was previously a tech contributor at ABC News and MSNBC, the CBS News science and technology correspondent, and the technology correspondent for CNN. His written work has appeared in several publications including Time, Salon and Details.

His first book titled, The Digital Diet: the four-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life, was published in May 2011 with additional printings in the UK, Japan and Korea. It’s about nurturing a healthy relationship with technology.

Sieberg has a bachelor’s degree in writing/communications (UVic, ’98) and master’s degree in journalism with a focus in technology (UBC, ’00). He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

Miguel Angel Valladares | Communication and Social Awareness Juror 2012

After graduating in Biological Sciences from the UCM, he joined the WWF/Adena organization, coordinating various conservation programs and relations with the media. As from 1998, he is the organization’s Director of Communications and is currently responsible for developing and coordinating communications strategies and campaigns for WWF Spain on conservation and politics, mobilization, raising awareness and corporate promotion. Throughout his professional life, he has published hundreds of articles and scientific and informative publications on environmental issues and translated various books on the same subject.  He has been interviewed by national and international media on numerous occasions and has worked in communications and communications training, as well as being a regular contributor to radio and TV programs and environmental series.


Jennifer Siegal | Industrialization and Market Viability Juror 2012

Jennifer Siegal is known for her work in creating the mobile home of the twentieth century. She is founder and principal of the Los Angeles’ based firm Office of Mobile Design (OMD), editor of both Mobile: the Art of Portable Architecture (2002), More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today (2008), and was founder and series editor of Materials Monthly (2005-6). In 2003, Esquire named her one of the design world’s “Best and Brightest” and the Architectural League of New York included her in the “Emerging Voices” program. She was featured in Fast Company’s “Masters of Design” for her approach to utilizing new material and forms to create architecture and honored when Mayor Villaraigosa presented her with History Channel’s 2006 “Infiniti Design Excellence Award” for her competition entry for the Los Angeles City of the Future 2106. The Country School, the first green prefab school, was recognized as one of the five best buildings in Los Angeles in 2007 by the LA Times. Winner of the inaugural 2009 USA Network “Character Approved Award” she is celebrated as a “leading innovator shaping American culture”.

Luis Basagoiti | Industrialization and Market Viability Juror 2012

Luis Basagoiti, who was born in 1959, received a Ph.D. in Architecture from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, in the specialty of structures and prefabricated light industrial building. He has an MBA in International Business Management from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and an MBA in Real Estate and Construction Management from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. In 1980s he worked as a researcher for UPM and as a lecturer of the ETSAM Construction Department. Since 1988 he has been working as a lecturer for Fundación UPM. He has also been a lecturer in many South American universities, as well as a juror in many architecture competitions. He works as a lecturer at the business school IE. In BBVA Group he had two jobs: from 1994 to 2000 he was the chairman of IBERDROLA INMOBILIARIA and the chairman of its real estate’s subsidiaries; and from 2000 to 2002 he was the General Director of METROVACESA. From 2002 to 2005 he was the Managing Director of REYAL. From 1987 to 1994 he was the Managing Director of MAPFRE INMUEBLES, where he has been working since 2005 as Chief Executive Officer.

Harriet Pilkington | Industrialization and Market Viability Juror 2012

Harriet Pilkington is a designer with a specialist interest in modular design, building systems and modern methods of construction. Building on her Master’s Degree in Architecture from the ETH Zurich University, completed in 2005 her research is focused on prefabricated construction, housing company methodologies and the productisation of architecture.  Currently based in New Zealand, Harriet’s architectural practice Young + Richards, works on a diverse range of projects both custom and systemized in their nature. From 2000-2004 Harriet worked in Melbourne for the internationally renowned firms Denton Corker Marshall Architects and Carr Design. She is a founding Director of the design and build housing company Eunoia, specializing in low cost sustainable housing, and a Director of Worldwide Parking Group, involved internationally in the production of modular, precast concrete car parking systems. Harriet is also a board member of PrefabNZ, an industry initiative promoting prefabricated construction, and of the New Zealand Timber Design Society Management Committee. Since 2006 Harriet has held long standing teaching roles within AUT University, Department of Spatial Design and the University of Auckland, School of Architecture, as Master’s Thesis Supervisor, Senior Lecturer and Design Tutor.


Emilio Mitre | Sustainability Juror 2012

As from 1985, Valladolid-born architect Emilio Mitre has focused on Bioclimatic Architecture.  He works as a consultant on energy, coordinating and evaluating numerous projects on energy efficiency in construction for the European Union.  Co-founder of ALIA (Architecture, Energy & Environment) Company, which dedicates itself to energy & environmental aspects of urban development and construction, both residential and non-residential, he has done consulting work for Madrid Municipal Housing and Land, within the “Altener Houses” European project, and on council housing for the Alcorcon Municipal Property Management Company.  The latter was selected for the 7th UNESCO International Competition on Good Practices, gained 1st prize from Spain’s Higher College of Architects and 1st Prize for Sustainable Urban Development from IDAE (Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy). On the non-residential plane, ALIA is currently the only Spanish architectural studio to submit projects to the last four editions of the International Conference on Sustainable Building (Oslo 2002, Tokyo 2005, Melbourne 2008 and Helsinki 2011.  Mitre is also Director of International Relations at Green Building Council Spain (since 2008) and winner of the Castile & Leon Prize of Honor for International Dissemination of Sustainable Building (2010).

Manfred Hegger | Sustainability Juror 2012

After completing his formal education in Architecture (University of Stuttgart), Systems Engineering (Technical University of Berlin) and Planning Studies (LSE ) in the seventies, Professor Hegger went on to  work as an architect in various distinguished partnerships in Germany, as well as acting as consultant to the OECD in Paris between 1979-1982. He has taught at various universities, including Stuttgart, Kassel and Hannover, and has been University Professor at the Technische Universität Darmstadt’s Energy Efficient Building Design Unit since 2001. Member of the „Sustainable Building and Construction Initiative“ from the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) 2003-2006, Member of the program „Sustainable Construction Methods and Technologies“ European Union 2004-2006, he has been Member of the World Economic Forum, Global Agenda Council on the Future of Sustainable Construction since 2008 and President of DGNB – German Sustainable Building Council since 2010. Featuring among his numerous Awards and Prizes are the Solar Decathlon wins in 2007 and 2009 and his many notable publications include an Energy Manual on Sustainable Architecture.

Jason Twill | Sustainability Juror 2012

Following his degree in International Political Economics, Jason Twill started out working as superintendent for Structure Tone, Inc. , New York, managing numerous multi-million dollar commercial construction projects in the Manhattan area. He then moved to Mancini Duffy, Architecture/Design, where he was Associate/CAD Operator, after which he did a Master’s in Real Estate Finance and Development at New York University, working concurrently for Leviev Boymelgreen. In 2006, he became Senior Project Consultant, Owner’s Rep for DBI Construction Consultants and in 2007, changed to being Senior Project Manager/Sustainability Manager- Design and Construction for Vulcan, Inc. in Seattle, where he remains to this day.  He is affiliated to the Urban Land Institute, International Living Future Institute (Board Member), Natural Resource Defense Council, Garrison Institute (Steering Committee Member), Green Sports Alliance (Founding Board Member), BioRegional (Board Member) and The Climate Reality Project (Trained Presenter). In 2011, he won the Better Bricks Award, in the Emerging Leader Category, and has been appointed to the City of Seattle Green Ribbon Commission and selected as 2012 Pivotal Leader by the Northwest Pivotal Leaders Network.

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