The University of Zaragoza, the new team taking part in SDE 2012, as a substitute for Team Norge

The University of Zaragoza, which was already part of SDE 2012, as an exhibition Project, will now participate in the competition in an official capacity, as substitute for the NTNU team from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) and its solar house project +Hytte. The Universidad of Zaragoza will present a project called Casa Pi, an ecological, sustainable, accessible and affordable house for the future.


This house, like all the others of the 20 teams taking part in Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, can be visited from 14th to 30th September at the Villa Solar, which will be located at the Puerta del Ángel concert site, in Madrid’s Casa del Campo. Entry to the Villa Solar is free of charge.


More information:

Model of Casa Pi- University of Zaragoza

Proyecto de la Casa Pi, de la Universidad de Zaragoza.
Project of the Casa Pi, of the University of Zaragoza.



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