Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 models, protagonists of International Construction Week

  • Those who visited Construtec were able to acquaint themselves with the greatest advances in solar and sustainable technology, thanks to Solar Decathlon Europe.

  • Solar Decathlon Europe, an international competition between university students on solar and sustainable houses, will take place in Madrid next September.

Madrid, 11th  May 2012

Last Friday, 11th May, marked the end of International Construction.Week at IFEMA, where about 400 firms presented their innovations at Construtec, Veteco and Piedra.

The protagonists of the week were models of the 20 houses that will participate in the next edition of Solar Decathlon Europe, exhibited at Construtec from May the 7th: a faithful reproduction of the sustainable houses that will function exclusively on solar energy and will be built full-scale at the Casa de Campo in Madrid next September.Within this framework, Construtec also hosted the I Crogress on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (EECN), organized by Grupo Tecma Red and Solar Decathlon Europe. At this congress, more than 500 attendees, professionals in the industry, were acquainted with the implications adoption of the new Directive of the European Parliament on Energetic Efficiency of Buildings (Directive 2010/31/EU) on Energetic Efficiency of Buildings, will have for the field of architecture and construction, as well as the transformations taking place in Europe, and the need for these professionals to be the leaders of this change.The official opening was declared by Inés Leal, Director of the EECN Congress, José Manuel Paez, UPM Director of International Affairs, who attended on behalf of Solar Decathlon Europe, and Alejandro Halffter, Deputy Minister for Housing and Land of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Comunidad de Madrid, who highlighted the need for government buildings to be nearly zero energy consumption in 2018, setting an example for the rest.

The Multidisciplinary Teams in Building Projects Day -  Sustainable Building – , organized by Solar Decathlon Europe, was also a success, using case studies and panel discussions to get a deeper vision of sustainable construction projects from the point of view of the different agents involved in them. The way these agents interrelated and coordinated themselves to move the projects forward and how implementation of sustainable systems affects their relations were thoroughly analyzed.

All these Solar Decathlon Europe activities, framed within International Construction Week – Construtec- are part of the project’s main objective: to encourage research and development in sustainable building and raise awareness on the efficient use of renewable and sustainable  energies and  obtaining necessary energy from the sun.

Upcoming activities

As from next Wednesday, 16th of May, those who weren’t able to see the models of the solar houses at Construtec, may do so at the new headquarters of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid (COAM), Calle Hortaleza 63. The exhibition is open to the public and may be accessed free of charge during COAM opening hours.

Moreover, this Saturday, Solar Decathlon is taking part in Planeta Madrid, a festival that connects roots music with a message about sustainable development, environmental awareness and responsible consumption. The event is taking place at the Escenario Puerta del Ángel, where SDE will inform and invite all present to come to the Villa Solar in September, offering them the most tempting foods, produced by solar cooking.

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