• The SDE2012 solar houses produced mare than two times the energy they consumed.

  • More than 5,000 children  participated in the activities on the  use of sustainable energy awareness , developed by the European project 10Action  the Villa Solar


Madrid, 8th October 2012

After five days of work, the disassembly of the SDE2012 participant solar houses in La Casa de Campo de Madrid have concluded, having had this edition a resounding success with  visitors.

During the 14 days that lasted the competition, the solar houses  produced 5,740 kWh, more than two times the energy consumed: 2,977 kWh, producing each house an average of 319 kWh, exclusively with solar energy. The surplus energy has been injected to the grid so that people from Madrid could use it.

One of the most innovative aspects in this edition was  the optimization of the system efficiency by using, for the first time in Spain, a smart grid. This Micro Smart Grid connected the 18 houses in competition, controlling the entire electric system of the Villa Solar, balancing flows in real time and adapting the energy supply demanded so that the organization buildings, tents of activities, common services, and even vehicle charging points  have the necessary energy. Besides, the proximity between energy production and consumption has reduced the losses that transport causes to the point of consumption.

SDE2012 has been the most visited edition in the history of the competition. The Villa Solar has received over  220,000 visits, 64,094 of which were guided tours.

More than 5,000 children from different schools of Madrid carried out the activities developed by 10Action for Solar Decathlon Europe in order to raise awareness of responsible use of renewable energy in buildings. Over 2,000 university students and more than 6,000 professionals have also visited the solar houses.

Solar Decathlon Europe has also had a notable presence in social networks: Facebook, with 8,872 followers, has reached, during de competition, 124,000 people; Twitter, with 2,165 followers has come, in the same period, to 120,000 people. The www.sdeurope.org web audience has also increased with 144,213 visits in the competition days, and the blog has had 5,700 views.

In this edition of SDE proposals have been varied and high quality compared to 2010. The competition, very close until the last moment, was won by the team of Rhone Alpes, France with Canopea house, followed, at a very short distance, by Patio 2.12 (Andalusia, Spain). Med in Italy (Italy) won third prize.

The second edition of Solar Decathlon Europe has been organized by the Ministry of Public Works, Madrid City Council and the Madrid Polytechnic University (UPM) via its Higher Technical School of Arquitecture (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid). Its main sponsors are Schneider Electric and Kömmerling, & its official collaborators include AENA, ADIF, RENFE, and INECO y FEVE. It is also supported by the US Departament of Energy and the IDAE.

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