Solar Decathlon 2011: There has been a tie in the affordability contest awards

The big event scheduled for September 27th was the affordability contest awards ceremony. At 14.00 all teams went to the main tent to have their feedback from the jury. This jury was working for the whole last year with the teams to provide a uniform cost estimate for all the houses, according with the U.S. regulation.

Therefore, the teams were more or less aware of their budget beforehand, but looking at the final results, there have been some surprises. The architectural firm in charge of the estimation, Licata Hansen Associates Architecture and founder, takeoffs and Construction Estimation, visited the final built houses in order to update their budgets.

The presentation of the act was carried out by Richard King, Solar Decathlon Director. He introduced David Lee, supervisor, on Residential affairs from NREL. Mr. Lee made a historical summary along the past 30 years in technology on renewable energy and energy efficiency to get to the point in which we are today.

He was very proud to see how much the knowledge and technologies, and the awareness of the public, has been improved along these years. Nowadays, these technologies are a reality, affordable, and easy to install and perform, making it possible to reach the majority of people.

The challenge of the next generation is to continue on generating solutions, to build a better future for everyone.

Forwarding to the results, Mr. King was happy to announce that no team had expended more than 500.000 $.  Then he introduced Mr. Matt Hansen, affordability juror, to give the results, which were very tight, having 15 teams between 250.000 and 350.000 $:

1st Team Parsons and Stevens        229.890 $

1st Team Purdue                                   249.595 $

2nd Team Belgium                                  251.147 $

3rd Team Sci-ar/Caltech                      262.495 $

The general classification is:

1st team Purdue

2nd team Ohio

3rd team Maryland

The rest of the classification can be downloaded from the Solar Decathlon web page (

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