Solar Decathlon Europe presenta las maquetas de las viviendas sostenibles y solares que participarán en la edición de 2012

  • Secretary of State for housing has highlighted that “these houses exploit the maximum potential of the sun to our homes with proposals that represented innovation, sustainability and improving of the energy efficiency”.

  • From now to the 21st of May, the proposals from 20 universities from 15 countries selected to compete in SDE2012 are being exhibited in Barcelona.

The Secretary of State for housing and urban projects, Beatriz Corredor, has presented today the 20 sustainable house models will participate in the next edition of Solar Decathlon Europe, competition organized by Ministry of Public Works with the collaboration of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Models, present in Construmat, International Construction Fair, until 21 st of May (Barcelona) are a faithful reproduction of sustainable houses that will run only on solar energy and will be built full sizes next year in Madrid ( a complete list of teams is attached).

Also present will be some of the models by the teams who plan to exhibit their houses in Madrid, but not compete.

In the Construmat headquarters, the first meeting is being held between the SDE Organization and the participating team leaders from 15 countries: Germany, Brazil, China, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom and Romania, which makes the next edition of the competition in the most international.

Beatriz Corredor, the Secretary of State for housing and urban projects has highlighted that “our generation needs to reduce energy costs and that the homes of Solar Decathlon Europe are energy efficient at its best. The projects of solar houses that are presented today are able to exploit the maximum potential of the sun and apply its energy to our homes with proposals ranging from houses that orientate directly to the sunlight and others that can achieve the same effect as a small forest whilst avoiding the C02 emission to the atmosphere”.

Corredor has stressed, also that “this is innovation, this is sustainability but it is as well about saving electricity costs, because many of these proposals are directly applicable to our homes and that improving the energy efficiency of our homes is not a cost, it is an investment”.

On his part, the UPM professor and Project  Manager of SDE, Sergio Vega, has explained: “the level of each team proposal is very high, they give very effective solutions for self-sufficient and sustainable houses, demonstrating to the international market that is possible to compete with this technology. SDE is a unique opportunity to advance faster in energy efficient material in building and in the intelligent use of renewable energy, such as solar”.

Within the framework of the European Project 10 Action, Construmat will be the headquarters of “Building with near zero energy consumption: from investigation to real construction”, International Conference, which will be held on 18 of May, and will tackle the implications that the adoption  of the Directive 2010/31 will have on the construction sector, relative to energy efficiency in building, the details of the SDE2010 will be presented, as well as the experiences of construction projects or construction phase with high energy rating carried out in Europe.

10 Action, led by UPM, aims to raise the use of renewable energy, energetic efficiency, responsible use of energy and sustainability, through dissemination of knowledge acquired in the 2010 competition. With this objective, activities are being developed through Europe to create awareness among children, teenagers, students, construction sector professional and the general public.

SDE being held in Spain shows that Spain has become a focal point in research and use of renewable energy in buildings and energy efficiency implementation in houses. The objective of this international competition, in addition to generating new knowledge, is to create awareness among the general public on the rational use of energy. And also to demonstrate that a more efficient energy use is possible and affordable, if buildings are constructed to avoid losing heat in winter and staying cool in summer, therefore resulting  in  less heating and air conditioning, utilizing less consuming appliances, and getting the energy needed through renewable sources such as the sun.

Solar Decathlon Europe is organized by the Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Development at the Spanish Ministry of Public Works with the collaboration of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the support of the US Department of Energy. In addition, SDE has the collaboration of the Madrid City Council and Spanish Energy Saving Energy Agency IDAE, and the sponsorship of Saint-Gobain (main sponsor), Schneider Electric, Rockwool, Kömmerling and FCC.

Solar Decathlon Europe has been endorsed by the European Commission’s Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign as an Official Partner.

The UE “Sustainable Energy Europe Award 2011” has been given to Solar Decathlon Europe in the category of “Communication”.

Solar Decathlon Europe presenta las maquetas de las viviendas sostenibles y solares que participarán en la edición de 2012 pdf

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