- Odooproject (Hungary) receives the second Prize and Andalucía Team (Spain) the third.

- In addition, the prize Integration of Solar Systems (no scoring in the competition) has been awarded to DTU TEAM (Denmark).

Madrid, 20 th September, 2012.

The houses competing in SDE2012 continue the race to become the most sustainable house. Today, the different systems to build the houses chosen by the teams were evaluated. It was taking into account not only it´s design and the on- site installation, but also the suitability of their election. TEAM ECOLAR (GERMANY), with Ecolar Home, was the winner of the Engineering and Construction contest with its excellent proposal focused on ecological, solar, economic and modular factors (further information on attached file).

Rafael Úrculo, David Springer y Tjerk Reijenga, jury of this contest, have analyzed each design feature to give the final verdict: the structure, the exterior skin, the interior partitions, the acoustic, the electric installation and plumbing, the photovoltaic installation and the integration of the solar and thermic systems in the overall design.

The final classification of the Price of the Engineering and Construction Contest has been:

Points given by the jury 80
1 HTWG ECOLAR (Alemania) 80
2 BME Odooproject (Hungría) 77
3 AND Andalucia Team (España) 73
4 ROME Med in Italy (Italia) 72
5 TRA Rhône-Alpes (Francia) 71
6 CUJ Chiba University (Japón) 71
7 BUC PRISPA (Rumanía) 68
8 UPC (e)co Team (España) 67
9 CEU CEU Team Valencia (España) 66
10 DTU Team DTU (Dinamarca) 65
11 ABC Aquitaine Bordeaux Campus (Francia) 60
12 RWTH RWTH Aachen University (Alemania) 59
13 EHU EHU Team (España) 58
14 BRA Team Brasil (Brasil) 54
15 FAUP cem+nem- (Portugal) 49
16 TJU Tongji Team (China) 46
17 UDZ Universidad de Zaragoza (España) 34
18 STSH Astonyshine (Francia e Italia) 32

Team DTU (Denmark) has been awarded with the Solar Systems´ Integrations Prize. A no scoring and out of the competition award, but not less valuable in the efficient building constructions. Chinese Tongji Team was also mentioned for their innovative façade and PRISPA team (Romania) for bringing up to society the solar systems integration in traditional architecture. The jury in this contest was: Challenge Miloni, Willi Ernst, Gerard Pollet.

The following Saturday 29th, after completing the 10 contests of the competition, will be announced during the closing ceremony the solar house winner of the edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012.

Solar Decathlon Europe is organized by the Ministry of Public Works, Madrid City Council and the Madrid Polytechnic University (UPM) via its Higher Technical School of Arquitecture (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid). Its main sponsors are Schneider Electric and Kömmerling, & its official collaborators include AENA, ADIF, RENFE, and INECO y FEVE. It is also supported by the US Departament of Energy and the IDAE.

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