TEDx Youth Bucharest 2011

PRISPA marked off yet another event of a long list. This time, PRISPA stayed home, in Romania, and talked about the past challenges and future plans that it encountered while making the project happen.As it would be expected of a youth-powered project, the atmosphere was highly positive, welcomingall the initiatives that were presented there.

As it so happens with most simple things, PRISPA introduced itself in 3 simple steps. As follows, wetouched upon Solar Decathlon Europe, who we are as our presentation movie portrays us, and a timeline of what we have done so far, and what is scheduled for the year to come.

The local press was interested once more in what we have to say, so over the following days, Ziare.com, Antena 1 / Antena 3, and TVR should broadcast and feature our interviews on theirwebsites.


video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSAXKXK_ez4

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