Visit the Villa Solar


In just a few months’ time you will be able to visit the world’s most innovative houses in Madrid. The international university competition that promotes the research in the development of solar and efficient houses, Solar Decathlon Europe, will take place in September 2012.

Twenty teams from 13 different countries (Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, China, Japan, Brazil and Egypt), will build a real size efficient house an open space to the public named “Villa Solar”.

During the competition, the participating houses will have to compete on the ten contests of the competition. The winner will be the house that both consumes as few natural resources as possible, and produces minimum waste products during their life cycle. Obtaining all the necessary energy from the sun.

From the 14th to the 30th of September in Casa Campo (Madrid), visitors will have the opportunity to have free access to this “Villa” to see these designs as well as enjoy a wide range of activities about renewable energy.

This responds to the main Solar Decathlon Europe’s objective: All this, to raise public awareness of use of renewable energies and particularly the possibilities of solar energy in houses.

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